The disgusting story of a Franco-Algerian and his Algerian wife

Gray Wedding: The touching story of a Franco-Algerian betrayed by his Algerian wife

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In France, some foreigners are “willing to do anything to get in” letters , gray wedding One of the most common tricks to achieve your goals. Mohamed Oukba, a Frenchman of Algerian origin, testifies about his case and tells how he was betrayed by his Algerian wife, who only wanted his papers.

The most recently settled case before the Montpellier judicial court is from 2017. Mohammed, who suffered from a physical disability and was originally from Béziers and was 26 at the time, met Emmen during a holiday in Algeria.

The touching story of Mohammed, who was deceived by an Algerian woman to obtain papers

, It was a neighbor who introduced me to his cousin. i had a crush », he testified in a statement to the newspaper on April 3 free afternoon, His romantic relationship with this young girl would last for four years.

, I thought it was mutual. I jumped into this story without asking myself any questions. “, he added. But apparently his fiancée had no affectionate feelings towards him apart from her French letters.

The couple got married in Algeria on January 3, 2019, and the young Algerian received his visa for France on March 19, 2020. In September of that year, she joined her husband Mohammed in their apartment at City Million in Béziers. And this is where his true face is revealed.

, She’s evasive, pushes me away, refuses to make any kind of intimate gesture at me ,

, As soon as she arrives, from the very beginning, she becomes irritable, pushes me away, refuses me any intimate gestures, any relationship and falls asleep on the sofa. », the husband testifies. Moreover, he also had a disrespectful attitude towards her.

After a month of living together in Béziers, Imane leaves one morning without saying anything to visit a friend in Marseille. It’s there that ” We (her mother and stepfather) understood that it was a romantic scam. for expatriate purposes ,

Feeling humiliated, and even shocked, Mohammed goes to a psychiatrist to recover from this shock. He also initiated proceedings to annul the marriage on the grounds of lack of consent.

, Fortunately, we had not yet managed to get him the papers. ,

On November 24, 2022, Emeen appeared at Mohammed’s house with two police officers after she filed a complaint of sexual violence against him, “ Even though I can’t even walk! “. She filed for divorce, but was rejected twice.

The case was eventually heard in the Montpellier court in February 2024 and Mohammed annulled his marriage. , Fortunately, we had not yet managed to get him the papers. “, he specifies.

Subsequently, Mohammed’s mother learned that her son’s case was not isolated. They created a Facebook group to bring together victims of gray marriage. , Very quickly, we reached 800 victims from all over France “, she says.

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