The mistake to avoid when applying, according to a former French ambassador

Schengen visa: the mistake to avoid when applying, according to a former French ambassador

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to request for Schengen visa, many applicants opt for the services of intermediaries. However, this is far from being a good idea, and may even lead to systematic and persistent refusal.

This is stated by Anne-Sophie Ave, former French Ambassador to Ghana. Thanks to their role, French ambassadors to third countries are in the best position to advise on visa applications.

, Anyone who claims they can help you get a visa is a scammer ,

Quoted by the site this Wednesday, April 17 schengen visa information Anne-Sophie Ave explains that applicants who pay intermediaries to apply for a Schengen visa to France on their behalf will have their visas refused.

She warns they also risk being banned from entering all member states of the Schengen area. , I heard that some people still pay scammers to get a visa », announces the speaker.

However, she emphasizes that “ Anyone who asks for money and claims they can help you get a visa is a scammer “. The former French ambassador says that, in this case, “ Your application will be 100% rejected and you risk being banned from residing in 27 countries ,

Advice to Schengen Visa Applicants to Keep the Odds in Your Favor

She suggests stopping using these services and reporting it to the police. Furthermore, Anne-Sophie Ave explains that the Schengen visa application process is simple and applicants who meet the conditions will undoubtedly receive their visa.

To stack all the chances in your favour, she advises applicants to fill the forms, be honest, provide authentic documents, not lie and not hide anything.

, You will be one of the 1.7 million people who will receive visa to france this year “, she says. So there is no need to pay huge sums to middlemen, while the process itself does not even cost more than €100.

Please note, if the system qualifies you as a fraudster, your requests will be systematically rejected.

If the system qualifies an applicant as a fraud when he requests through an intermediary, he should expect systematic and consistent denial of all his requests, the former ambassador warns.

If you are exposed as a fraudster using the services of intermediaries in the system, who sometimes pose as embassy staff, ” It is likely that your request will still be rejected », Anne then adds.

During her experience as an ambassador, she says she has already noticed many appointments made by middlemen with the same phone numbers, same email addresses and other strange similarities. He canceled them outright.

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