The month of April is more than normal

Andre Monnet, head of the meteorological service, says that even if it includes a stretch of cold days, the month of April could end with above-normal average temperatures. on the weather network, He predicts, “We will have a cool start with seasonal temperatures during the first days of April, but later on, we will find ourselves in a milder period, nothing record, but mild temperatures, above normal.” This weather pattern should impact all of Quebec.

After mid-April, meteorologists predict a “trough of the wave”, i.e. the return of a cold period. “Not all days will necessarily be cold, but most days will be within seasonal norms or below normal. However, late April should pave the way for warming and accumulation of temperatures above normal norms. According to Mr Monnet, this is not surprising, given that December, January, February and March were also above normal.

In terms of rainfall, the expected softness and moderate temperature changes in April lead them to believe that weather systems will be less active and hence, there will be less rainfall over all regions.

This mild climate, which lasts for several months, is due to warmer than normal temperatures in the maritime areas. The warm waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans therefore explain this mild winter and spring. However, André Monnet mentions that this phenomenon appears to be changing, as satellite data indicate that temperatures in marine areas are decreasing compared to their historical average. So we could be headed for a La Nina event for the fall, which is known to produce more rainfall.

The first half of March brought exceptionally mild weather, which was a record in Montreal, Ottawa and Canada.Top 3” for many areas elsewhere in Quebec, says Andre Monnet. A cooler second half of March followed a warmer than normal finish. Meteorologists’ summary is that all of this made March one of the hottest Marches in history.

The Outaouais, Greater Montreal and the North Shore are about 4°C above normal, which is very high.

André Monet, head of meteorology department at Meteomedia

You would think that would be a record, but it’s not. “In southern Quebec, the warmest month of March has strangely been since 1946. Then, the mildest month was in 2010, in 1945, in 2012 and in 2024,” he said. In Quebec, the record for the warmest month of March dates back to 2010; Bas-Saint-Laurent and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean date from 1958; And that of Abitibi, from 2012.

In terms of rainfall, March was very poor in the west and south of the province. On the other hand, heavy snowfall occurred in the north coast, Gaspésie and even Bas-Saint-Laurent.

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