“The path of life, walking towards its essentials”: Pauline Wald describes her journey from Alsace to Compostela

“The path of life, walking towards its inevitability”: this is the title of Pauline Wald’s film. The Alsatian describes his journey from Alsace to Santiago de Compostela. A (very) long walk – unlike any other – which Pauline invites you to see this 5 April at the Vaux Cinema in Strasbourg.

“I was working in banking, I was slowly burning out, and I needed a new adventure”!
It’s 2007, Pauline Wald is on the verge of burnout and desires “Get back on your way”, The Strasbourg resident then remembers “That someone had told him about the way to Compostela”!

“You’re like an onion, you peel off the layers and cry.”

This is how the adventure begins! A long journey that Pauline filmed and the results can be discovered this Friday, April 5, at the Cine Vox in Strasbourg. “The path of life, walking towards your needs” This is the title of this film. The Alsatian describes her doubts, her joys, her encounters and her tears. “On Saint-Jacques, you are like an onion” Alsatian* testifies. “You take off the diaper and cry…you cry.”*

Without really knowing why she was setting out on this hike, Pauline was sure of one thing. “He was going to make things happen.” His. What moved? Alsatian France Blue answers the questions of Alsace.

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