There are scenes of chaos again in the Marseille agency

Algeria ferries: here are the scenes of chaos again in the Marseille agency

An Algerian ferry ship / VVA by Ldgfr – Visas & Travel

National Shipping Company, Algeria FerriesIn view of the frequent last minute changes, it is still unable to ensure its current schedule of crossings within the planned dates and times.

In recent weeks, most of Algerian Ferries’ communications have been devoted to announcements of changes in crossing dates. But all these announcements come only a day or two before the departure date.

Algeria Ferries makes multiple changes to dates at the last minute

The travelers concerned thus find themselves in delicate situations and are often in a hurry to change their travel plans. Furthermore, the company does not provide any explanation regarding the reasons for the frequent last-minute changes.

The latest date change announced by Algeria Ferries concerns the Alicante – Oran crossing on Saturday 13 April. The crossing has been combined with the crossing scheduled for this Monday, April 15, at 7 p.m., the company said in a press release.

A few days earlier, Algerie Ferries announced a change of date for the Marseille – Oran crossing on 12 April, moving it to the following day, Saturday 13 April.

By citing just these two examples, it is clear that program sustainability is absent among the company’s customers. Apart from apologizing to customers, Algerie Ferries does not provide any explanation as to the reasons for the last-minute changes in dates and times.

Scuffle breaks out at Algerian ferry agency after last minute date change

This causes immense inconvenience to the passengers involved in these journeys. In a video filmed by a passenger this Sunday, April 14 Algeria Ferry Agency In Marseille, we can clearly see the devastating consequences of this unsustainable programming.

In sequence Shared on TikTok, we see a large crowd of passengers inside the Algeria Ferry Agency in Marseille. Tension can be clearly seen among the passengers present at the spot.

According to the author of the video, the reason for this is ” When the crossing date changes without notifying passengers “. Commuters did not find space for their vehicles at the new crossing, due to which they protested and demanded their rights at the agency level.

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