There is a very political battle behind the proposed law on neighborhood disputes

A rooster and cows in a field in Deauville-en-Ouge, Calvados, on December 29, 2018.

This is a proposed law that speaks volumes about the social restructuring and access conflicts affecting rural areas. This text is being awaited by a part of the farming world, as well as by those who worry that it will promote a caricatured vision according to which farmers (fewer and fewer) and new rural people will have to fight. Are doomed to.

It is certain to be adopted in the Senate on Wednesday 3 April and in the National Assembly on Monday 8 April. Text defining unusual neighborhood disturbance It is specifically aimed at better protecting farmers from appeals by local residents who might accuse them of soiling their fields, littering the roads, harvesting at night or wanting to expand their farms, etc. Are.

Matters on which the press regularly reports. Thus this oase breeder, in 2022, sentenced to pay 100,000 euros to local residents disturbed by the noise and smell of 260 cattle in his new stables. A case that has become symbolic has rocked the profession, with many farmers finding themselves victims of “agribashing”.

limit conflicts

A case which led to his lawyer MI Timothy Dufour, who advises the farming profession, along with the majority union, the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA), will challenge the Justice Minister on the topic during the International Agricultural Show in 2023. Eric Dupond-Moretti then committed the bill supported by the majority to stop the farmers “False Case”,

“Whoever comes and wants to reshape the countryside the way he wants, let him come , don’t bother you when you wake up in the morningHe then announced. If you don’t like the countryside, you stay in the city and if you go to the countryside, you adapt to the countryside that already exists. , At the beginning of parliamentary business, the first reading was presented to the Chancellor by Shri.I Dufour and FNSEA lawyers, Related MI Dufour and Luc Smesart, vice-president of the association and breeder.

Supported by Nicolas Le Peyh, Renaissance MP for Morbihan, herself a poultry breeder, the bill introduces, for the first time, the notion of abnormal neighborhood disturbance into the Civil Code, defining it as a disturbance that exceeds the normal inconveniences of a neighbourhood. This concept was till now under the free discretion of the judges. “A legal void that created insecurity for farmers”according to mI From the oven. In 2021, the so-called “Maurice” law – named after a rooster on the island of Oleron – already attempted to limit disputes, By protecting the sensory heritage of the distinctive smells and sounds of the countryside.

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