There’s a Spanish village in the middle of France!

Prepare to be surprised, because in the middle of the French Pyrenees you will find a little piece of Spain: the village of Livia.

This Spanish enclave is a geographical, historical and cultural curiosity worth visiting. We take you on this unusual journey to discover the secrets and wealth of Livia.

Lilivia’s fascinating history and its enclave status

The history of Lilivia dates back to Roman times, when the village was already an important administrative centre. Over the centuries, Livia experienced various dominions and was finally ceded to Spain during the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659. In this way the village remained Spanish despite being located in the center of the French Pyrenees.

Some interesting facts about this enclave are:

  • Located at an altitude of 1200 meters
  • Area of ​​12 km²
  • Population of about 1500 inhabitants

Exploring the cultural and architectural heritage of Livia

When you visit Lviv, you will be amazed by the richness of its heritage, which testifies to its eventful history. Among the must-see sites, we can cite:

  • Notre-Dame des Anges Church, 14th-century Gothic building
  • Bernat de So Tower, a medieval watchtower offering spectacular views of the surrounding area
  • The Municipal Museum, which traces the history of the village and is notably home to Europe’s oldest pharmacy

Activities to do around Livia to enjoy your stay to the fullest

Livia is the ideal starting point for exploring the natural wonders of the French and Spanish Pyrenees. Here are some suggested activities:

  • hiking or bicycling in the surrounding mountains
  • Alpine skiing or cross-country skiing at neighboring resorts in winter
  • Relax and unwind in the Lo Thermal Baths, just a few kilometers away

Practical tips for planning your trip to Lilivia

To get to Livia from France, simply cross the French-Spanish border near the village. Remember to plan:

  • A valid identity card or passport

Even though checks are rare, it is always good to have your papers with you when crossing the border.

  • Clothing appropriate for weather and altitude

There are many hotels, lodges and guest houses to welcome you in Livia. Don’t hesitate to book in advance, especially during school or ski holidays.

Do you know ? A unique sporting event of its kind in Lilivia

Every year, Livia organizes an unusual sporting event: the Three Nations Race. The 14km race takes participants through France, Spain and not far away Andorra. If you love running and challenges then this is a unique experience to live!

So, don’t hesitate any longer and set out to discover Livia, this little piece of Spain located in the heart of the French Pyrenees. You will be captivated by its charm, its heritage and its activities. have a good trip !

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