These 6 medieval villages in Brittany are some of the most beautiful in the region!

Lovers of history, architecture and picturesque landscapes, prepare to be delighted! Brittany is full of little jewels of French heritage.

We have selected 6 for you Unforgettable medieval village Which will definitely make your heart skip a beat. Dinan, Locronan, Moncontour, Bazouzes-la-Pérouse, Fougères and Bécherel are destinations not to be missed during your next stay in Brittany.

Dinan: medieval charm on the banks of the Rennes

Dinan is undoubtedly one of The most symbolic villages of Brittany, Situated on a hill offering spectacular views over Rennes, this medieval city has a remarkable architectural heritage:

  • Dinan Castle and its impressive walls
  • Saint-Sauveur Church with its colorful stained glass windows
  • Half-timbered houses on paved roads

Stroll through the narrow streets and discover the many artisans who perpetuate traditional knowledge. Don’t forget to head down to the harbor to enjoy a stroll along the water.

Locronan: Breton village quintessential

Is classified between The most beautiful villages of France, Locronan will charm you with its unique charm and warm atmosphere. In this little green setting, you can admire:

  • Saint-Ronan Church and its Gothic bell tower
  • 16th century granite house
  • central paved and flowered square

Also take advantage of the many local craft shops to bring back a typical Breton souvenir.

Moncontour: a medieval fortress full of wonders

Located in the heart of the Côtes-d’Armor, Moncontour is an essential stop during a trip to Brittany. There are many quests for you in this fortified village:

  • the walls that surround the village
  • Saint-Mathurin Church and its Baroque altarpiece
  • Exceptional view from the height of the village

Don’t hesitate to take part in guided tours to learn more about the fascinating history of this place full of history.

Bazouzes-la-Pérouse: a haven of peace between land and water

On the borders of Île-et-Vilaine and the Manche, Bazouges-la-Pérouse offers you a pleasant atmosphere for a tranquil holiday. Among the treasures of this village you will find:

  • The medieval castle and its romantic gardens
  • Beautiful dwelling in schist and slate
  • Notre-Dame-de-la-Lanterné Chapel with its stunning frescoes

Don’t miss a stroll along the Quesnon River to fully enjoy the esoteric charm of the place.

Ferns: between history and nature

Fougères is a must-see destination for history and nature lovers. This medieval city has many surprises in store for you:

  • Fougères Castle, one of the largest castles in Europe
  • Half-timbered houses on paved roads
  • Public garden on the ramparts overlooking the palace

Don’t forget to explore the surrounding area, especially the Fougères Forest and the Normandie-Maine Regional Natural Park, to fully immerse yourself in Breton nature.

Bécharel: city of books in the center of Brittany

Becherel is an essential stop for all literature lovers. This medieval village converted into a book city offers you:

  • Bookshops and second-hand book sellers in every corner of the city
  • Many cultural events throughout the year
  • A preserved architectural heritage that will delight history buffs

Let yourself be charmed by this unique place and leave with some literary treasures to eat on site or take home.

By exploring these 6 medieval villages of Brittany, you will be immersed in the heart of Breton history and heritage. Take time to stroll their picturesque streets and discover the treasures hidden behind each stone. Now you are ready to live an unforgettable experience in Brittany!

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