These initiatives of the Algerian Consulate in France were welcomed

Ramadan 2024: These initiatives of the Algerian Consulates in France were welcomed

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During the month of Ramadan, solidarity and volunteer initiatives increase in Algeria, but also within the national community established abroad, especially France,

This was emphasized by French Algerian MP Abdelouhab Yagouabi, who emphasized the work done by the managers and staff of consular representations in France, in particular “ Bourbon, Pontoise, Créteil, Metz, Paris and Lille ,

Algerian Consulate in France: Initiative ” despite lack of resources ,

, Identifying inadequacies goes hand in hand with enhancing performance », writes the MP on his Facebook page, revealing that Commerce embassy In question “ There has been an increase in solidarity actions in favor of our students, our Chibanians and our fellow Hargas citizens ,

Firstly, the MP revealed that “ group iftar » were held every day « Inside the Algerian Consulate in Bougainville » During this month of Ramadan, ” personally under the supervision of the consul “. These Algerian tours take place in the middle of France ” In an atmosphere of brotherhood and sharing », specifies the MP.

He further added that the doors of the Creteil Consulate open at 7:30 a.m. from the beginning of the holy month, while ” Working hours start from 9 am “. He assured that the initiative aims to “provide. Better welcome to our citizens .

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