These passengers are having difficulty accepting the new baggage allowance

Air Alger: These passengers who have difficulty accepting the new baggage allowance

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Since its implementation on October 29, the new rule has been in effect luggage check Air Algérie continues to be discussed on social networks and at airports, with passengers sometimes being “surprised” by the changes that took place about six months ago.

Previously accustomed to traveling with as many bags as they wanted as long as they were restricted to a bag weighing no more than 30 kg, national airline customers are now allowed one piece of checked luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg. Have to deal with.

A pill that is difficult to quit even after several months. Some people still can’t understand why they can’t take two bags with Air Algérie without paying extra.

This change also concerns hand luggage. From now on, Air Algerie tickets include only one cabin luggage weighing up to 10 kg. In addition, the passenger will be obliged to pay or send his luggage to the hold.

Algerian passengers resistant to Air Algerie’s checked baggage allowance

Algerian passengers, long accustomed to the benefits offered by the national company, have had great difficulty accepting the new franchise launched by Air Algerie, especially since, since its implementation, the prices of plane tickets have not stopped rising. , which didn’t help.

The people who talk about it best are ground handling agents, those members of the ground staff responsible for completing check-in procedures, checking the conformance of tickets, and verifying that all passengers are being boarded. The stuff is fine.

One of them, Oceane, known as @oceanerlnd on TikTok, shared in a humorous video a situation she experiences on a daily basis when it comes to checking in Air Algerie passengers.

In recent videos Posted on social networks, she published a meme of a young woman who is shocked and appalled to see that passengers are still arriving with luggage in excess of the authorized limit.

, When the passenger’s luggage weighs 36 kg while he is entitled to 23 kg », we read in the caption, the fact that the Ocean Station agent is not the only one who has been seen. Flight attendant Patrick confirms this in a comment below the video. , This is the truth “, He writes.

Air Algeria hold baggage: rules apply here

So, we go from 30 kg of allowed luggage to 23 kg of hand luggage for an economy class ticket on Air Algérie. This change in baggage allowance has inevitably coincided with a change in the rules governing excess baggage charges.

Indeed, any checked luggage over 23kg (maximum 32kg) will incur an additional fee of €50 on flights departing from France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Austria. Expect £40 from the UK and $50 from Türkiye.

Passengers wishing to check excess baggage weighing less than 23 kg will have to pay €80. A fee of €150 is charged for checking second excess baggage weighing less than 23 kg. Please note that a €50 excess weight charge also applies to excess luggage.

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