They celebrate their wedding anniversary mid-flight and face criticism

Royal Air Maroc: They celebrate their anniversary mid-flight and attract criticism

A Royal Air Maroc aircraft / by Renz Massard – VVA – for Visa & Travel

Wedding anniversary celebrated on a plane Royal Air Morocco The departure from Casablanca and departure for Miami in the United States caused fear among passengers and was criticized by Internet users.

Famous influencer Sonia Negadi, who has almost a million fans on her Instagram account, wanted to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary between heaven and earth, apparently authorized by the staff of the Moroccan airline RAM.

In this video, we can see the famous influencer chatting with her husband before a birthday cake with two candles arrives as a surprise. However, the latter has given rise to many fears and criticisms, indicates Al Arabiya media.

Birthday in mid-flight: “ Is it not haraam to light a fire? ,

In several comments on the video, many internet users pointed out that this was irresponsible behavior on the part of the influencer because ” Burning fire on airplanes is prohibited » But there is also a gross lack of professionalism on the part of the airline which » Traded passenger safety in exchange for choice ,

for its part,influential person “Wanted to be sure by noting on my Instagram account that these are candles.” artificial »And not actual flames. That didn’t stop internet users from doubting his words. , It’s the staging that’s artificial, not the candles, it shows! », wrote one user.

In addition to the threat these candles pose to aircraft safety, some commentators have also highlighted the inconvenience to passengers due to the noise. Some passengers have complained to the company while others have requested an investigation be launched, Al Arabiya reports.

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