This Breton building is the first to use waterless toilets

This is a divisive topic in personal housing, so setting dry toilet In co-ownership, it is a real tour de force. It must be said that this innovation, presented for the first time in France, took place in a participatory housing environment with motivated occupants. Named L’ÔôôôbergeThis set of 23 housing units, inaugurated in 2021, combines various residences from T2 to T5, with 15 reserved for accession and 8 for social rental. If all residences were originally delivered with flush toilets, for 17 of them they gradually switched to the dry version (with the possibility of returning). If this option initially raised questions and ridicule, the practice seems to have taken hold.

Directly, Rhizome, the Rennes architectural agency in charge of this building, worked with Eurosec Cooperative, a specialist in dry toilets and hygiene issues, to install these famous toilets, the Ecodomio, built in Marseille. Instead of the “classic” version of dry toilets where you throw sawdust into the bowl after doing your thing, this model includes a treadmill that acts as a flusher. The latter allows the stool to be transported to a box located behind the throne. The feces and paper are “deodorized” by a second box covering the first box and which is ventilated by an outlet. VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation).,

Save water but cost more

Urine, on the other hand, flows to the front of the toilet by gravity before falling into one of three 4m3 tanks in the building. They will then be used as slurry for an agricultural high school in the area. As for feces, the box should be changed every 2 to 3 months before being composted and then used for vegetation or animal crops. An installation that clearly represents obstacles, without forgetting a significant cost (2000 euros excluding VAT per toilet, not counting the overall installation of the system), partially covered by a subsidy of €30,000 from the Water Agency. Is. But the impact on water consumption was very strong: residents believe that it Ouest was halved according to French reports.In an area where it is already very expensive.

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