This city is the best place in the world to see the April 8 solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 promises to be an extraordinary astronomical spectacle.

It promises to be a unique and spectacular event. In fact, only two to five solar eclipses occur every year in the world and the total solar eclipse announced on April 8, 2024 is even rarer. This phenomenon occurs when the Moon perfectly aligns itself with the Earth and the Sun, blocking light from the Earth and the Sun from passing through.

Next Monday will be the 15th of its kind in the 21st century and the only one to be seen in its entirety. MexicoTo United States of america and at Canada, The eclipse will remain partial for about two hours. According to NASA, it will last only for 4 minutes 28 minutes, due to which some areas of these countries will be immersed in darkness.

Where will we best see it?

It is in Nazas, in the state of Durango, in the northwest of Mexico, where this event will be most spectacular. This small town with a population of only 4,000 residents is located in the center of the “band of totality”, making the area the perfect place to view the eclipse. In the country, it will also be perfectly visible from the states of Sinaloa (Mazatlán) and Coahuila (Torreón, Matamoros, or even Monclova).

Some people even travel to attend this unforgettable event. This is the case of Veronica Antaramian Salas, interested in astronomy, originally from Querétaro, central Mexico.

On April 5, she will go on a bus journey of about 10 hours with the members. Astronomical Society of Michoacán, an association of Mexican astronomers. Equipped with binoculars and tents to set up camp on their way, the group of 120 people is expected to arrive at Ejido de Linda Vista in Coahuila, 260 km from Nazas, at 6:30 a.m.

, The eclipse is expected to begin at 10:55 am local time. I can’t wait to see this show it will be perfect and gorgeous », rejoices Veronica Figaro, To see the eclipse he had to book four months in advance. Four friends were to participate in this expedition, but only two of them could get a place. , From Querétaro, all buses have been full since late January. It is a matter of good fortune for me and my country that this astronomical phenomenon occurs in Mexico. A large number of tourists are expected to come to see it. », Veronica testifies.

Where to watch the eclipse in the United States and Canada?

In the United States, the eclipse will be particularly visible from Texas (San Antonia, Dallas, Austin) through Maine (Caribou), Ohio (Cleveland), Indiana (Indianapolis) and New York (Buffalo, Niagara Falls).

For Canada, the places with the best visibility will be Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa) and Quebec (Montreal), as well as Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

And in Europe?

This astronomical event will be only partial over Europe and will not be visible from mainland France. However, it will be from the French Archipelago Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Overseas, we’ll have to wait until 2045 to see the total eclipse in Guyana, and those in mainland France will have to be very patient. The next one will be on September 3, 2081.

For other European countries, only residents of Ireland, Iceland, southwest Great Britain, and northwest Spain and Portugal will be able to watch it.

And for those who won’t be across the Atlantic on April 8, NASA is offering to live the experience remotely (from 3:16 p.m. French time). The passage of the moon will be broadcast on its channel youtubeWith guest experts to comment on the event.

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