This French village is the highest commune in Europe!

Are you fond of picturesque villages, altitude and breathtaking landscapes?

then you must search Saint-VéranA charming little village located in French Hautes-Alpes, Situated at an altitude of 2042 meters, this city has the title of Highest permanently inhabited village in Europe, In this article, we will take you on a tour of this unique place and give you practical advice to prepare for your visit.

A protected architectural and historical heritage

When you arrive in Saint-Véran, you will be immediately attracted to traditional architecture and its typical wooden houses. The village has managed to preserve its heritage and authenticity over centuries, which has earned it the status The most beautiful villages of France,

  • travel to Soum MuseumWhich traces the history of the village and its residents.
  • to visitSaint-Véran ChurchIt dates back to the 17th century and testifies to the city’s rich religious past.
  • search for The sky of Saint-VéranThese special granaries are built on stilts to protect the crops from rodents.

An extraordinary natural setting and countless outdoor activities

Surrounded by mountains and the Cuirass Regional Natural Park, Saint-Véran offers a delightful natural setting For lovers of hiking, climbing or even winter sports. The town is also a popular place for amateur astronomers due to its observatory located at an altitude of 2930 metres.

  • borrow one of many hiking trails Walk around the village and enjoy the extraordinary views of the Cuiras Valley.
  • search for alpine and nordic skiingOr even snowshoeing at the neighboring ski resort of Molins-en-Quéras.
  • participate in one of many Cultural events and local festivalsSuch as patron festivals or heritage exploration workshops.

How to get to Saint-Véran and where to stay?

attend this settled village, you will have to take winding routes through the mountains. Here are some practical tips to organize your trip:

  • The nearest airport is Turin in Italy (about 2 hours drive), but you can also fly into Marseille or Nice and rent a car to reach Saint-Véran.
  • There are many residences in the village, such as Lodges, Guest Rooms and HotelsSuitable for travelers of every budget and style.
  • Consider booking your stay in advance, especially if you plan to visit during high tourist season (summer and winter).

In short: don’t miss a visit to Saint-Véran, the highest village in Europe

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to add Saint-Véran to your list of must-see destinations during your next trip to France. This unique village will offer you a complete change of scenery and will allow you to discover a rich and preserved heritage as well as an exceptional natural setting conducive to outdoor activities. Prepare your trip now and make the most of this unique experience in the French Hautes-Alpes!

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