This little-known regulation in hotels could deter foreign tourists

Travel to Algeria: This little-known regulation in hotels could put off foreign tourists

A hotel room. Photo by Kaleem / Adobe Stock / for VVA – Visa Voyages Algeria

In any country, tourism activity depends first of all and especially on the existing infrastructure hotel And accommodation was provided to the travelers.

In Algeria, there is no dearth of hotel establishments. There are all types and for all budgets. However, the rules that many hotels impose on their customers appear to be outdated, condemns Hakim Betache, former mayor of Algiers-Centre.

Hotels in Algeria: “If you overstay your welcome after 10 p.m., we kick you out”

During a broadcast on Al Iqtisadiya channel, he explained that Algerian hotels close their doors at 10 pm, which prevents their tenants from taking advantage of all the night activities offered in the city.

“We will not open the door for any tourist who tries to enter their hotel after 10 pm,” he revealed.

Bettache has called on the Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Transport to “establish a commission that will reflect deeply on this topic to come up with a proposal tailored to the sector”.

In fact, most hotels in Algeria close their doors before midnight. This is apparently a security measure, to allow police elements to check the list of tenants. You should know that this rule does not apply to large hotels with reception service open 24/7.

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