This Loiret village, voted “the most beautiful village in France”, is a pink paradise!

Located in the heart of the Loiret, this village, which has been crowned “the most beautiful village in France”, blossoms like a secret garden where roses reign supreme.

With winding roads amidst gorgeous flowers, this haven of peace offers an enchanted holiday for lovers of nature and the sweetness of life.

Yvre-le-Châtel, a gem located in the Lloret department

ranked between The most beautiful villages of France, Yvre-le-Châtel attracts with its picturesque charm and extraordinary heritage. Located in the Lloret department in the Centre-Val de Loire region, this medieval village invites you to discover its flowery streets, its half-timbered houses, its ramparts and its fortified castle. Take yourself back in time and immerse yourself in the heart of French history by visiting this rare gem.

A rose festival to surprise your senses

  • old roses
  • english rose
  • climbing and shrub roses

It is in spring and summer when Yvre-le-Châtel reveals all its splendor with thousands of rosebuds that grace the houses and village gardens. of Infinite variations of colour, shape and smell Waiting for you at the turn of the rocky roads. Gardening enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in the variety of rose bushes present on the site, some of which are even classified as “notable rose bushes”.

Must-see places to visit in Yvre-le-Châtel

In addition to its extraordinary flowers, the village of Yvre-le-Châtel has a Notable historical and architectural heritage, Here are some sites not to miss during your visit:

  • Saint-Gault Church : This Romanesque church from the 12th century is classified as a historical monument. Its western facade is particularly notable for its sculptures and statues.
  • medieval fort : Built in the 13th century, it offers a breathtaking view of the Rimarde Valley. The remains and ramparts of the fort bear witness to the village’s rich military past.
  • Bardin Mill : This water mill situated on the banks of Remarde river is still operational. You will be able to discover the ancestral mechanisms of milling.

Walks and hikes in the surrounding area

Take advantage of your stay in Yvre-le-Châtel to explore the lush landscapes that surround the village. many marked walking path This will allow you to discover the local fauna and flora as well as the panoramic views of the area. Do not hesitate to go to the tourist office for maps and advice on the routes to follow.

Food and accommodation in Yvre-le-Châtel

To enhance your stay in this paradise of tranquility, you will find a number of accommodation options in Yvre-le-Châtel, including charming guest room To rustic bed and breakfast, You will also have the opportunity to taste local specialties in the village’s restaurants and cafés. If you want to bring back a delicious souvenir, don’t miss tasting the famous Almond TartletsA Loiret specialty.

How to get to Yvre-le-Châtel?

Located less than 100 km south of Paris, Yvre-le-Châtel is easily reached by car via the A6 motorway or national road 20. You can also opt for a train by taking the Paris-Orléans line to Malesherbes station. Located at a distance of about ten kilometers from the village. Once there, the best way to discover the charm of Yvre-le-Châtel is to explore its streets on foot and take time to appreciate the beauty of this charming place.

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