This medieval village of Beaujolais is a rare pearl, one of the most beautiful villages in France!

Located in the heart of Beaujolais, this medieval village stands out as a rare pearl.

Considered one of the most beautiful in France, this place attracts its visitors with its preserved authenticity, its cobbled streets and its rich heritage. A journey through time that delights all who discover it.

Discover Oingt, an extraordinary medieval village in the heart of Beaujolais

Oingt is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the history and beauty of medieval villages. Located in the Rhône department, within the region of Pierres Doris in Beaujolais, this charming village is classified The most beautiful villages of France, Here are some reasons that make it a real treasure:

  • A protected architectural heritage: With its cobbled streets and stone houses with Roman tile roofs, Oynght has managed to preserve its medieval identity.
  • A breathtaking view of the vineyards: The village is situated on a hill offering panoramic views of the Beaujolais vineyards and Lyonnais mountains.
  • Cultural programs throughout the year: Ointment regularly hosts exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events that highlight its heritage and cordiality.

Essential guided tour of the medieval village and its monuments

To fully understand the history of Oinghut and its heritage, we strongly recommend you to attend Guided village tour, During this walk, you will be able to admire:

  • The Château d’Angot, of which only the tower remains today, offers an extraordinary panorama of the surrounding area.
  • The Church of Saint-Mathieu, dates from the 11th century and has medieval frescoes.
  • The fortified gate of Porternus, a remnant of the ramparts that once surrounded the village.

Discover the workshops of local artists and artisans

Oingt is also a place of artistic creation. Wandering its streets, you will have the opportunity to get to know it Workshops of local artists and craftsmen Who retain traditional knowledge while adding their personal touch. Potters, painters, sculptors and even jewelery designers find themselves mesmerized with their unique and original works.

Don’t miss the Beaujolais wine tasting

Your stay in Oingt would not be complete without tasting this Famous beaujolais wine, Take advantage of your visit to the region to visit some wine estates and taste different appellations such as Morgan, Fleury and Brouilly. You can also participate in tastings and introductory oenology workshops to better understand the secrets of these distinctive wines.

Take advantage of the many activities and discoveries around Oingt

To enhance your stay in Beaujolais, do not hesitate to explore the surroundings of Oingaut which are full of treasures. Between hiking, cycling, visiting neighboring villages or even exploring the local gastronomic heritage, you will not have the option to fully enjoy this region rich in landscapes and flavours.

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