This Norman village is in the running for ‘France’s Favorite Village’ show!

Located in the heart of Normandy, between Rouen and Guizers, Ry is a small picturesque village that has retained its charm and authenticity.

With its half-timbered houses, narrow streets and flowering gardens, Ry has everything to attract lovers of history and nature. This year, it is one of the 14 villages chosen to participate in the program “Favorite Village of the French”, presented by Stéphane Bern on France 3.

A pleasant environment for history and nature lovers

Rai is a true paradise of peace where it is pleasant to wander through its cobbled streets. Architecture lovers will be won over:

  • These are half-timbered houses from the 16th century
  • Saint-Martin Church dates from the 13th century
  • Château du Coudray, former stately residence

Green spaces are not spared:

  • Peaceful beaches of Ostreberthe
  • The park of the Château du Coudray with its century-old trees

Activities for the whole family

In addition to its architectural properties, Ryū also offers a number of activities for young and old:

  • Bike or walk in the surrounding countryside
  • A visit to the Musée des Automates, a unique collection in France
  • Local market, where you can taste local products from Normandy

Source of opinion, literary and cinematic inspiration

One of the main attractions of Ry is undoubtedly its connection with the literary world. In fact, it is said that this village inspired Gustave Flaubert for his famous novel “Madame Bovary”. A few steps away from the church is the house where Delphine Delamare, who served as the model for the character of Emma Bovary, lived.

A dynamic and welcoming village

Rai has managed to preserve the soul of its village while adapting to modern needs. you will find :

  • Local Shops (Bakeries, Grocery Stores, etc.)
  • Restaurants to enjoy local specialties
  • Miscellaneous accommodation (guesthouse, hotel, etc.)

Vote for opinions and support local tourism

To help this charming village win the prestigious title of “French Favorite Village”, do not hesitate to vote during the broadcast of the program on France 3. By supporting Ry, you help highlight Tourist and cultural wealth of Normandy and promoting the work of local actors who work to preserve and revitalize their heritage.

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