This Renaissance house overlooking Mont Ventoux is looking for a buyer

At the gates of the Luberon, an Italian Renaissance-style town house, sold by locals, has been waiting for its new owners since late last year. ,These unusual homes take a long time to sell, from 15 months to two years, because most of our buyers, half of whom are foreigners (Benelux, Swiss, Germans, English), either want to change their lives or buy rental homes. Looking for.Host», explains real estate consultant Kathy Avenel of Jansens Real Estate Responsible for the sale of this estate in Île-sur-la-Sorgue, between Avignon and Aix.

But this family network, which stretches from Mont Ventoux to Saint-Tropez, does not exclude it.history lover» Also interested in making this authentic residence your primary or secondary residence and wish to preserve its historic architecture. Or evidence of the splendor of the Italian Renaissance such as the staircase decorated with iron banisters in the entrance, the marble fireplaces, the terracotta tiles on the floor or even this 75 square meter library made of solid wood.

900 square meters of wooded land

Built in the 19th century, this property of 750 square meters (habitable) – 530 square meters for the main house and 220 square meters for outbuildings including the caretaker’s house – is an estate “unusual»: An interior garden of approximately 270 square metres. Situated on 900 square meters of wooded land, the residence in the Ursulines Convent district has four levels, one of which, the third, will undoubtedly appeal to investors. Three rooms, once renovated, can be made available to tourists who, from their rooms, will be able to admire Mont Ventoux, famous for hikers and cyclists on the Tour de France. ,This town house can also be considered as a private hotel by providing 2-3 parking spaces», specifies Kathy Avenel. Its price? 1.9 million euros.

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