This town is one of the most charming in the Hautes de France!

Situated on its own mountain and overlooking the northern plains, the castle is a small town full of charm located in the Hautes de France.

With its cobbled streets, its typical houses and its historical heritage, this city has everything to charm visitors looking for authenticity. Find out why Castle totally deserves the title of cutest Communes of the Hautes de France,

An extraordinary setting for an unforgettable walk

Situated at a height of 176 metres, the Castle offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding plains. Mont Castle is an ideal viewpoint from which to admire the landscapes of the north and even see the English coast on a clear day. Here are some must-see places during your visit:

  • Grand’Place: Surrounded by beautiful Flemish houses, this is the lively heart of the village with its cafés and restaurants.
  • Jardin des Recollets: This romantic park is home to an old monastery and offers a haven of peace for esoteric walks.
  • Castle Mill : This restored windmill is open to the public and will allow you to discover traditional flour making techniques.

A rich historical and cultural heritage

Kassel is a town steeped in history and has many monuments testifying to its distinguished past, including:

  • Saint-Pierre Church: built between the 12th and 16th centuries, it has an organ classified as a historical monument.
  • Departmental Museum of Flanders: Located in the former Hotel de la Noble Cour, it presents a collection of Flemish art objects and temporary exhibitions on the history of the region.
  • Equestrian statue of Marshal Foch: Built to pay tribute to the French general who won the Battle of Mont Cassel during World War I, it sits proudly on the Place Foch.

Culinary specialties not to be forgotten

Foodies will not be left out during a visit to the Castle. Flemish gastronomy is rich in flavors and traditions. Here are some local specialties you can taste:

  • Potjavelesh: This traditional dish is made of several meats (chicken, rabbit, veal) simmered together in a white vinegar jelly.
  • Filled Waffles: These soft waffles are garnished with brown vergoise, an unrefined sugar from the North.
  • Sugar Tart: This pastry made from yeast dough is covered with a mixture of sugar and crème fraîche.

Festive events throughout the year

The city of Castle is also famous for its many cultural and festive events. Among the most famous are:

  • Castle Carnival: In March or April, this popular festival honors traditional giants of the north and features parades, balls, and concerts.
  • 24 Hours of Percussion: Held in June, this music festival brings together percussion groups from around the world.
  • Christmas Market: During the month of December, the streets of the village are decorated with the most beautiful decorations to host an artistic and gastronomic market.

Finally, Kassel is an ideal destination for lovers of history, architecture, gastronomy and nature. This charming commune of the Hautes de France will offer you a complete change of scenery and leave you with unforgettable memories. Don’t hesitate any longer and set out to discover the loveliest commune castle in the Hautes de France!

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