This vertical takeoff of the Boeing 737 is breathtaking

Madeira Airport: This vertical takeoff of a Boeing 737 is breathtaking (video)

A plane is taking off. Image by jezper |

However it is considered one of the most dangerous airports in Europe due to the windMadeira Airport It also presents a beautiful show during the landing or takeoff of planes.

Beyond the practical aspect of travel, civil aviation is also an exciting world. Airplane lovers all over the world never miss a chance to see these flying machines in action.

Airport on the Portuguese island of Madeira, Located In the archipelago of the same name, there is one of the most exciting airports in the world. Its approach, facing constant winds, certainly gives pilots and passengers cold sweat, but also offers breathtaking views of the planes struggling with the wind.

Boeing 737 pilot performs spectacular vertical takeoff

When, fortunately, the air is calm, Santa Catarina Airport, named after Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017, offers a breathtaking view of a spectacular landscape. This makes it a very popular location for plane spotters.

In this sequence, it was shared on Sunday, 7th April. Chain YouTube Madeira Airport LPMA, we see the spectacular takeoff of the Boeing 737-800 of the Jet2 company to Birmingham Airport in the United Kingdom.

After reaching takeoff speed, the aircraft immediately leaves the ground in the middle of the runway. While taking off, the captain placed his plane on a trajectory of approximately StandPossibly to climb rapidly to cruising altitude.

This type of takeoff is often performed by pilots when the aircraft is not carrying any cargo. passenger, After a certain height, they Straight The aircraft is on a comfortable trajectory, slowly climbing towards cruising altitude.

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