This village in the Pyrenees-Orientales is the southernmost village in France!

Located in the Pyrenees-Orientales, Lamanare A charming little village that has the distinction of being the southernmost point of France.

Located in the center of the Albares Massif, this picturesque corner offers an ideal destination for lovers of nature and authenticity. In this article, we invite you to explore the richness of Lamanerre and its surroundings.

A short history of this unusual village Lamanerre

Founded in the 12th century, Lamanerre is rich in history that bears witness to the past centuries. Over time, this Catalan city has managed to preserve its distinctive character and architectural heritage:

  • Church of Saint-Martin, dating from the 12th century and rebuilt in the 18th century
  • Castell del Remei, an ancient watchtower built in the 13th century
  • There are numerous fountains and toilets in the village

These elements of local heritage contribute greatly to Lamanerre’s charm.

Essential activities around Lamanerre to enjoy your stay to the fullest

In the surroundings of Lamanerre, you will have the opportunity to practice various outdoor activities to discover the beauty of the landscapes and the rich natural heritage of the area:

  • hiking : several marked paths will allow you to explore the Albares Massif and its spectacular panoramas
  • Mountain biking: two-wheeler enthusiasts will find what they are looking for on dedicated bicycle paths and trails
  • Overview of Fauna and Flora: Malaniu Forest National Nature Reserve is a true showcase of biodiversity, harboring a large number of plant and animal species.

Additionally, the village is surrounded by many other interesting sites worth visiting during your stay:

  • Serret Museum of Modern Art
  • Organs of the Île-sur-Tête, an impressive natural site made of eroded rocks
  • Boulu spa resort to enjoy the benefits of the Catalan thermal waters

Good addresses and practical advice for a successful stay in Lamanerre

To make your visit to Lamanerre a memorable experience, here are some recommendations for accommodation and dining in this charming area:

  • Accommodation: Many rural lodges and guest rooms will welcome you in a friendly and warm atmosphere
  • Food: don’t hesitate to taste local characteristics In taverns and restaurants in the village and surrounding areas
  • Events: Don’t miss the Saint-Martin Festival in November, which celebrates the village’s patron saint with many activities

To reach Lamanerre, it is best to arrive by car, as public transportation is limited in this rural area. The village is located about 1.5 hours’ drive from Perpignan and the Mediterranean coast.

Lamanerre, a haven of peace for lovers of nature and authenticity

In short, Lamanerre is an ideal destination for those who want to discover a place protected from mass tourism and offering true immersion in Catalan culture. Between historical heritage, outdoor activities and meetings with locals, your stay in Lamanerre promises to be rich with discoveries and emotions.

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