This village was voted the French’s favorite village in 2023!

Located in the heart of Flanders, esquelbeque A true treasure trove of French heritage.

This charming village in the North has won the hearts of the French their Favorite village in 2023, But what are the secrets of this fascinating city? Follow us to know the reasons for its success.

A protected architectural and historical heritage

One of the main attractions of Esquelbeque is the richness of its architectural and historical heritage. The village house is:

  • Esquelbeque Castlewhich dates back to the 14th century and whose gardens are open to the public;
  • l’Saint-Folquin ChurchAn imposing Gothic building classified as a historical monument;
  • many traditional houseWith brick and stone facades, the façades bear witness to the village’s Flemish past.

This architectural wealth gives Esquelbeque an undeniable charm and a peaceful atmosphere conducive to strolls.

Cultural and festive events for all tastes

In addition to its heritage, Esquelbeque is also recognized for the quality of its Cultural and festive events, The village welcomes every year:

  • There book nightAn unforgettable event for lovers of reading, with activities for young and old;
  • International Organ Festival in FlandersWhich sheds light on this symbolic device;
  • heritage dayWhich allows you to discover the rich past of Esquelbeque through guided tours and exhibitions.

These events showcase the cultural vibrancy of the village and contribute to its attraction for visitors.

Nature preserves conducive to outdoor activities

Set in a lush green environment, Esquelbeque offers an ideal place to enjoy outdoor activities, Among the natural sites worth discovering, we can cite:

  • hondschute woodDense forest with many tree species;
  • banks of the YserSuitable place for walking and bird watching;
  • fragrance of flowersA path full of wild flowers.

Lovers of hiking, cycling or even fishing will also find what they are looking for in the surroundings of Esquelbeque.

Accommodation and restaurants for every budget

Finally, Esquelbecq offers a Accommodation and catering offered Diverse to meet all budgets and desires. Available options include:

  • of lodge And guest rooms to stay in the center of the village;
  • of to set up camp To provide a green and peaceful environment;
  • of restaurantWhere local cuisine and Flemish specialties can be tasted.

So, whether you are looking for a romantic weekend, a family holiday or a stay with friends, Esquelbac will charm you with its authentic charm and warm welcome.

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