Too slow for Marseille, this ship will ensure the destination of Alicante

Algeria Ferries: Too slow for Marseille-Algiers, this ship will serve the destination of Alicante

An Algerian ferry / LDGFR ship for VVA Photo – – Visas & Travel

Wish you have a good summer 2024, Algeria Ferries Strengthened his fleet by chartering two ships: Ariadne from Greece and Mobi Dada from Italy.

From the first days of entry into service, the Italian ship, mobi dada The Algerian national shipping company has come under considerable criticism among passengers.

Early last February it took 33 hours to connect Marseille with Oran, while the journey usually lasts 28 hours, sparking outrage from passengers who condemned the endless crossing.

Algeria ferries: Moby Dada will no longer cross with Marseille

This complaint was then raised by the Transport Commission in APN, the deputy of the wilayah of Oran, Kada Nedjadi, revealed in a post published on his Facebook page.

The MP says the Italian ship has a maximum speed of just over 17 knots or 31 km/h. He further said that the Transport Committee therefore recommended that it be handed over “Small Crossing” From Algeria Ferries, which connect Oran with Alicante, usually last about twelve hours.

“The company is finally considering the Commission’s instructions”The MP then writes, unveiling the Algeria ferries program for the month of April 2024, which shows that Moby Dada will mainly provide crossings between Oran and Alicante.

Indeed, on the schedule in question, we can see that the Italian ship will operate Oran-Alicante and Alicante-Oran crossings throughout the month of April, in addition to only one Alicante-Algiers crossing and another Algiers-Alicante crossing.

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