Tourists in Barcelona: increase in tourist tax

Tourists in Barcelona: increase in tourist tax

Traveler in Spain / by nadezhda1906 / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visa and TravelInformation for those going on holidays you are planning to go barcelona Very soon? You should know that the most visited city in Spain is increasing its tourist taxes: since 1er From April 2024, visitors will have to pay a new tourist tax, but also a regional tax.

According to Shengenaviinfo, the tourist tax in Barcelona increased by 18% this month of April: the amount therefore increased from 2.75 euros to 3.25 euros for a stay of one to seven nights.

As for the regional tax, visitors will have to pay 1.70 euros to 3.50 euros per night spent in Barcelona. Note that the amount varies depending on the type of accommodation chosen: plan on 1.70 euros per night and more per person if you sleep in a 4-star hotel. The price for rental visitors is 2.25 euros per night. Finally, for 5 star hotels, the tax is 3.50 euros per night.

Cruise passengers passing through Barcelona will also be affected by the new tax: 3 euros for a half-day and 2 euros for a full day in the Spanish city.

Tourist taxes in Barcelona: how much are they for a week?

From April 1, you will have to provide additional amounts for the new tourist taxes: for example, for a week in a 5-star hotel in Barcelona, ​​you will have to pay 6.75 euros (tourist tax + regional tax) per night, its Plus room price. In total, the tourist tax for seven days in the Spanish city amounts to 47.25 euros per person.

Allow 5.50 euros per night or 38.50 euros per week per person to stay in rental accommodation. The twelve-hour tax in Barcelona for cruise passengers is 6.25 euros.

for quality tourism

Every year, Barcelona welcomes more than 32 million enthusiastic visitors. However, the Spanish city wants to establish quality tourism rather than mass tourism, hence the implementation of these new taxes: “Our objective is to control the number of tourists and increase tourist income, because our model is no longer mass tourism, but quality tourism, which adds value to the city”, explains Deputy Mayor Jaime Colboni. The tax is expected to generate 100 million euros this year, a sum that will boost the city’s budget.

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