Tunisair Express operates with a single aircraft

Tunisia: Tunisair Express operates with a single aircraft

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There airline company The Tunisian company, Tunisair Express, a subsidiary of the national company Tunisair, is currently forced to operate its services on a single aircraft. The company is giving reasons for the reduction in the number of its fleet.

Tunisair Express operates domestic flights in Tunisia, but also operates international flights. But since last October, it has been providing its services on both its internal and external networks from the same aircraft.

Tunisair Express confirms it is indeed operating with a single aircraft

In response to an article published on March 26 on a Tunisian news site manager areaRelated to this topic, the company confirmed its fleet reductions and provided details.

, Tunisair Express has been operating with a single aircraft effectively since last October. », the Director General confirmed, quoted by the same newspaper on Friday March 29. The speaker says this has not stopped the company from operating all its flights, be it domestic or international.

Furthermore, he points out that Tunisair Express took advantage of the low season to reduce its number of frequencies in order to maintain its fleet. However, the delay in maintenance of the aircraft” is not due to financial problems “, he specifies.

According to him, this delay in maintenance of the company’s second ATR aircraft is due to problems with the timing of repairs at Tunisair Technics.

The company promises to return to its normal pace soon

So denying the presence of financial problems, the CEO reminds that the company has a credit line covered by a bank guarantee for the acquisition of spare parts from the aircraft manufacturer ATR.

The company’s first managers also want to reassure passengers that there will be a return to the normal pace of activity. Very soon », especially to meet the demand during the summer season with the entire fleet.

As a reminder, in addition to its internal lines in tunisiaTunisair Express also operates regular connections to several European cities, including Nantes and Toulouse in France, as well as Prague, Zaragoza, Sofia and Warsaw.

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