Tunisair strengthens its program with France

Summer 2024: Tunisair strengthens its program with France

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Tunisair indicates that it has applied for the summer 2024 season, ” an extraordinary program »Offering 17,068 flights and 2.7 million seats during the period June 15 to September 15, 2024.

In a press release published on their social networks, tunisair announced that it had reopened some regular routes and increased the number of flights on others.

In detail, we see that France is the destination that benefits most from this update of the Tunisair programme. The company has also increased the frequency of flights to this destination, in addition to reactivating a line to France.

Tunisair: new line and increase in flights to France

Indeed, Tunisair has reactivated its Djerba-Nantes line with one flight per week, every Monday, from June 3, 2024. The Tunisian airline has also reactivated the Tunis-Lisbon, Tunis-Zurich and Djerba-Zurich lines.

Tunisair has also increased the number of flights to other destinations in its France network. Thus, his schedule for France this summer will be as follows:

– Tunis-Lyon: 11 flights per week from March 31

– Tunis-Marseille: 21 flights per week between 1 July and 14 September

– Tunis-Nice: 14 flights per week from 1 July to 16 September

– Djerba-Paris-Orly: 12 flights per week from March 31, and 14 weekly flights during the month of July

– Monastir-Marseille: 3 flights per week

– Monastir-Paris: 3 flights per week

In addition to France, Tunisair has also increased its frequencies to other destinations in the Maghreb, Africa and Europe. It specifically states that it will serve Tunis to Oran with 3 flights per week from April 16, and with 4 weekly flights from June 3.

Tunisair will serve destinations from Tunis, Madrid in Spain with 4 flights per week from April 20, Venice in Italy with 2 flights per week from April 18, and Istanbul in Turkey with 14 weekly flights from April 19, 2024.

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