Viaggi: more desired by the sight of the giant Le 10 Italian destination “Mega-Ponte”

From April 25 and April 1, Italians are available for 10 days of holidays and they have a special owner’s “spring break” as seen in the English tradition. Growth is also expected in 2023 by BWH Hotels Italy and Malta, particularly in network growth and delivery (+14%) and family and group memberships (+27%), with delivery and length of delivery varying. Because the weather is more prosperous, apart from its main destination Tourism International and all the cities of art, if not Sicily, Veneto and the Ligurian Riviera recorded great appreciation: “The desire of new visitors to Aggianta alle mette più not e frequente emerges” explains Sara Digesi, CEO of BWH Hotels Italia & Malta.

There are festivals like December 2 and December 8 in 2024, which coincide with the weekend, making it a celebration for the weekend. “Mega-Ponte” from April 25th. This is right. La Festa Della Liberazione, Infanti, Quest’ano Cad di Giovedi and Miscellaneous Aziendano Chiudere il Venardi. Consider what little clothes you need? Mercoladi 1° Maggio, Festa dei Lavoratori, the prospect of putting even 10 days worth of food is certainly attractive. The Anglo-Saxon culture of the first holiday system is due to “Spring Break” Allowing students to take a break from their studies and revive their energy is the genesis of the academy. In France it is more famous for the white sets to entertain you on the track during the summer, and in Giappone the Primavera festival used to be very late and started in April when the school year ends. This tradition does not exist in Italy, but the experience of the Liberation Festival and the Labor Festival provides us with the opportunity for a nostrano spring break.

From The score is 17 million years old and it’s time to go April 25 and 1° Maggio, this weekend When I started preparing a week in advance, I was given additional information from other espetano, providing meteorological information, but offering an atmosphere . Winter season. Intended to make profit from the festival, but, it is also good, in the last few days BWH Hotel Italia & MaltaHotel group with 170 hotels in Marchio Vishwahotel, best Western Iplease stay: With the anticipation of rispato al 2023, infantti, prenotazione superiore al passato, I confirm numerically, gia da oggi, una crescita diffusion: “Increase the prosperity of Copy’s shares with +14% return over the last year and Family & Piccoli Group with +27% growth – Spiga Sara DeGisi, CEO of BWH Hotels Italia & Malta , A Cresita He gives more importance to Ancora if considering that the period of Primaveralyses is at a best value. Also take into account the duration of the meal if it is scheduled for 3 or 4 times, but for the desired destination usually for a shorter period of time, please note that the festival is available for a longer period.,

The bulk of the travel takes place in Italy and comes from traditionThis means that there is no one among the richest people. Ovimente Immancabili Roma, Venice and FirenzePlease note if you register a strong interest and also per person siena, Al Sud Piacciono Naples and LecceEnter the area where the sea comes from Sicily, Liguria and Riviera Romagnola, But still, one important thing is that if you are ready once again, I will have to fulfill your wish. Avoid the phenomenon of overtourism And you can repair it with a slight note in the terrain and not present d’asalto, che, pero, nascondono piccoli tesori da scopriere. An example of owner Sicily with cities such as Acerle, Ragusa, Marsala, Chi, invesse, spera di trovare un po’ di fresco Garda a laghi e all’Alto Adige. ,Today was the beginning of a new travel route during the year – Prosecutor Sara DeGisi – La Sicilia, for example, allows the itinerary to be together, le sue belle ed e in grado di atrare sià gli lamienti del mare sià chi preface un turismo cultural.,

Just say, second and Daati’s BWH Hotel Italia & MaltaThe 10 months more prosperous for the impending mega-spawn,

  • Rome: La capital non poteva mancere, una delle città piu visitate al mondo al mondo also on the occasion of 25 April Ponte del Attraction un grande numero di touristi. A first-time visit is ideal for those arriving in the heat of the summer for the first time.
  • Venice: The Gondola ride doesn’t have the charm, but if you’re prepared to enjoy views around the world it is a channel to the Serenissima. For the Elogio it is tre chi vuole staree divided into piano centro e chi, invesse, segli la vicina mestre.
  • sicily: Non solo il Capolluogo Palermo, la Voglia di Sicilia Porta i Touristi e East ea Sud dell’Isola. In Ragusa, immerse yourself in a beautiful, natural and architectural area, in Trapani with its magnificent beach and the isolated island in Acireale, Piccola Gemma in the province of Catania, known as the City of the Hundred Camps. To the south is Ankora and Lampedusa with its incredible Spiez.
  • Ligurian Riviera:Piazza Della Vittoria, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the magnificent Spiaggia of the Boccadasse and, above all, the Aquario. There are many tourist attractions in Genoa, but I prefer the sea and the sun, and I chose to come to Rapallo, Sanremo, Spotorno, Santo Stefano al Mare and Santa Margherita Ligure.
  • florence E. The Tuscan cities of Sienna, Arezzo, Lucca, with the Risveglio Della Primavera, Si Mostrano in Tutta La Loro Bellezza. A passage on one’s lungs in Firenze can be a toss-up to one’s body and mind. Semper appreciates the monuments and sconces of the entire region.
  • Lacey: The beating heart of Salento, lese incanta i touristi con il suo centro storico barocco, le antichissime chise e resti romani. Da Non Perere Il Duomo, La Basilica di Santa Croce and Un Giro nella Storia Antica Visitando Theatre, and the Anfeteatro Romani.
  • Naples, Costiera, Il Cilento A lemon-scented Ponte in the delicious Costa Campana che in the Primavera Regala i Meravigliosi Colorisi degli Grumetti e dei Giardini.
  • boljano: Incontro and cultural scandal, Bolzano non a solo mercatini di Natale. A lush green city rich in local traditions and crafts. Giottesca paintings invite you into the Gothic school and Talavera’s edge reflects the contrast between antiquity and modernity.
  • Riviera Romagnola: A Meta Point may be desired for those who wish to be entertained if it is not located at the Riviera Night Club. So much for your life and a day of rest, your lungs at the same time and the cycle path of Rimini and Milan Marittima is also the first viewpoint.
  • Verona and Lake Garda: Non solo Tedeschi e Olandesi sur Lago di Garda, ma anche alli Italiani. The area you have prevents Benaco Sulla Sponda Veronese from offering il Castello Scaligero Danteto Museo and il Grazioso Porticiolo.

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