what he liked and what he didn’t

A French tourist in Algiers: what he liked and what he liked least

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Algiers, capital of Algeria, is an essential stop for foreign tourists visiting the country. A French tourist who recently visited it gave his experiences of what he liked and what he did not like during his stay.

Overall, Algiers offers its visitors a lot of things to discover, it also hides dark corners. A French tourist visiting Algeria talked about this topic with her Algerian husband.

A French tourist giving information about her visit to the Algerian capital

, What is my opinion of Algiers? », Emily announced in a video shared on her TikTok. She explains that during her visit to the Algerian capital, there were some things she liked, but some things she didn’t like.

Among the range of discoveries that had a positive impact on her, she cites her visit to the Jardin d’Essay, one of the largest botanical gardens in Africa and perhaps the most beautiful. This magnificent place is considered one of the most important testing and conditioning gardens in the world.

The tourist also enjoyed a visit to the Great Mosque of Algiers, the largest mosque in Africa and the third largest mosque in the world after Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

Beyond its religious setting, dedicated primarily to prayer, this mosque has become an essential monument in the Algerian capital. Its minaret, which is 265 meters high, is the tallest in the world.

, Some people we met were not very friendly ,

Emily also loved the symbolic Martyrs’ Memorial, a must-see for anyone interested in Algerian history. their journey ” entire neighborhood at the level of grande poste » also impressed him.

, I also liked my visit to Notre Dame d’Afrique and the walk along the seashore », adds the tourist to the details of his visit to Algiers. A walk along the seashore offers a spectacular panorama of the bay and the opportunity to see some of the most emblematic buildings of the city.Regarding the negative points raised during your visit In Algiers, tourists theoretically cite pollution and the density of road traffic. , There were many people there also. And some of the people we met weren’t very friendly ,

, Compared to Béjaïa (her Algerian husband’s native town, 220 km east of Algiers), my impressions of Algiers are a little more mixed. “, she declares by way of comparison.

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