What relief are co-owners entitled to in 2024?

To encourage buildings to adopt energy renovation, public authorities have increased support for condominiums in recent years. , More recent government announcements On MaPrimeRenov’s budget cuts. This trend should not change »That’s the prediction of Danielle Dubrac, president of the Union of Real Estate Unions, a professional federation representing co-ownership trustees.

The main support is public: Maprimarenov’s co-ownership, Achieving this makes others favorable. “Be careful, I know of co-owners who have been denied bonuses, specifically because of ANAH (National Housing Agency) It was estimated that the energy gain was not sufficient. He appealed to the administrative court, but the first decisions were not favorable to him.says Francis Bourriaud, founder of ADB Conseils, which supports co-ownership in its management.

The conditions for receiving aid are really strict. The work should enable the co-ownership to achieve energy savings of at least 35%. Furthermore, assistance is only for buildings in which at least 75% of the units (apartments) are occupied as their main residence. Therefore mountain or seaside buildings used as second homes are not eligible. In small condominiums, those with fewer than twenty lots, at least 65% of the number of dwellings intended for the principal residence must be.

If these conditions are respected, MaPrimerRénov’ can finance 30% to 45% of the work, if the work reduces energy consumption by 35% and 50% respectively, Within the limit of 25,000 euros per residence, A 10% bonus can be given if the renovation takes the building out of energy classes F and G and achieves at least a D rating.

local assistance

“That’s the principle. We will see what it gives in 2024. “We have to look at the bottom line, get all the help we deserve.”Advises Mr. Bourriaud. In co-ownerships where the rate of unpaid charges is at least 8% compared to the budget for year N−2, or if the building is located in a deprived area, a bonus of 20% is available. There also exists a personal bonus of 1,500 euros or 3,000 euros for low-income or very low-income families.

Can also get co-ownership Energy Saving Certificate (EEC) Also local assistance. These are becoming more and more important, but you have to know them to ask for them… and you have to ask for them right to get them. Therefore, it is fundamental to have a project management assistant on hand at the local level.

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