What will be the impact on its customers in France?

Air Algerie ditches the French language: what will be the impact on its customers in France?

An Air Algérie plane / by Santi Rodriguez – Stock.adobe.com for VVA – Visas and Travel

new management of air algeria Established in early February, began its plans by Arabizing its communications, thus announcing the abandonment of the French language in the airline’s official correspondence. But this decision and its timing raise many questions.

In the midst of peak period and at a time when all debates revolve around ticket prices and seat availability, Air Alger is making a completely unexpected exit. This is related to the communication language of the company.

Air Algerie decides to abandon French and Arabize its communications

Air Algerie has in fact decided to Arabize all its official correspondence, especially with other administrations and organizations with which it works. This decision is also affecting the speeches of the company’s CEO.

Simply put, Air Algerie has decided to abandon the French language and replace it with Arabic. Regarding foreign languages, the company chooses English, the language used in the field of civil aviation throughout the world.

With this in mind, Air Algérie also plans to introduce training in English for its employees, especially as it is the technical language of aviation.

In its argument regarding the Arabization of its communications, Air Algerie goes on to say ” related to country Attachments from » and ” National identity »… But on a business level, will this decision increase the value of the company?

According to observers, quite the opposite. First of all, it is important to remember that the majority of Air Algerie’s customers live in French-speaking countries and so don’t be a boss Essentially Arabic language.

Is abandoning French a wise business choice?

Air Algerie’s customers, primarily in France, or in Canada (Quebec), composed primarily of members of the Algerian diaspora, are French-speaking. Thus, many believe that the abandonment of the French language in company communications could become a hindrance to it, especially at the business level.

If Arabic language is used more and more airlines companiesGiven the growing number of their Arabic-speaking customers, the use of Molière’s language is inevitable for Air Algérie, given their main customers are based in France.

At the relevant level, which currently requires urgent solutions to improve ticket prices, seat availability and services, Air Algérie could have done without this change, which many observers considered unnecessary.

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