Why are swimming pools less than 10 square meters popular among the French?

Amidst inflation, high loan rates And this new housing crisis, the swimming pool market is suffering. One has the desire to buy but this often comes up against financial reality. According to the Federation of Swimming Pool and Spa Professionals (FPP), the number of swimming pools built in 2023 is expected to decline by 16% compared to 2022. ,The context is more gloomy, travel competition is stronger», recognizes its president Stéphane Figueroa who nevertheless reminds that the swimming pool is a “permanent investment in home property “. But it also has a cost: on average 25,000 euros – “price of a city car» He emphasizes – for an average surface area of ​​26 square meters (with a depth of 1.5 meters). Price unattainable for some.

That’s why small swimming pools – which we could almost call “basins” – are becoming more and more popular among the French. ,Sales of swimming pools less than 10 square meters continue to increase post-Covid», underlines Stéphane Figueroa. The reason? ,Plots are becoming smaller and smaller and the French appreciate “urban” swimming pools to cool off or do aquagym. That is why they are more and more common in big cities like Lyon or Marseille.», explains the President of the FPP.

But these “swimming lanes” also attract the French because with them, they avoid administrative burdens and benefit from tax benefits. ,Mayors’ refusal to issue action declarations is becoming more and more frequent, especially due to drought., criticizes Stéphane Figueroa who insists that swimming pool water represents 0.06% of national consumption. However, swimming pools of less than 10 square meters require neither a building permit nor a work declaration and are not taxed. development tax, Provided that it is not close to a historical monument, classified site or even a protected area. And if this is the case, you will have to wait for the agreement of the Architectes des Batiments de France and sometimes the Town Hall before you can build your swimming pool. Embarrassing Details That Can Derail the Operation,

“Wild” construction

,We request the mayors not to reject the work announcements because by doing so, they are the ones who encourage individuals to build their own swimming pools in an “unregulated” manner.», remained president of the FPP. By “wild way” they mean “without a building permit”. However, swimming pools larger than 10 square meters are not declared to the Town Hall – the owner of which may have to pay a fine, including “Between 1200 euros and an amount which cannot exceed, in the case of construction floor area, an amount equal to 6000 euros per square meter, or in other cases, an amount of 300,000 euros ,Article L480-4 of the Town Planning Code)” In case of repeat offence, the offender may face the risk of six months in jail in addition to the fine. Also keep in mind that after six years, you can’t be sued, but a court can force you to demolish and fill the ground with the swimming pool at your own expense, up to 10 years after construction.

These restrictions are also legal In case of non-declaration to the tax authorities For swimming pools over 10 square metres. Because the administration believes thatany construction joint – So a swimming pool – There is an increase in rental value which serves as the basis for establishing property tax and housing tax. (for other houses) A swimming pool increases the value of your home And hence the property tax, on average between 5% and 10% or about 50 and 100 euros depending on the surface area of ​​the dwelling, the swimming pool and the property tax rate applied by the municipality (which varies from year to year). The swimming pool has been under the supervision of the administration for two years. 140,000 undeclared devices will be detected using artificial intelligence in 2023.

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