Why does the eviction of HLM tenants, who are very wealthy, upset people?

According to Guillaume Kasbarian, more than 8% of HLM tenants are no longer eligible for social housing. But for some people, evicting them would destroy social housing.

“Hypocrites”, “cynists”, “hypocrites”… the idea of ​​the government evicting them from their social housing was put forward tenants who have become very rich This sparked a wave of outrage among leftists and organizations in the sector, seeing it as a distraction from HLM production, which was slipping.

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The Minister made particular mention of those who have, in the meantime, received an inheritance, owners of a “secondary residence”, or whose “inheritance” has “evolved”. “When we have 5.2 million social housing units in France and 1.8 million families legitimately applying to enter it, is it normal to prevent them from doing so, while within social housing there are people whose Has the situation changed significantly since their houses were allotted?”, he further questioned.

“The Reality of Request Queuing”

According to Les Echos, Guillaume Kasbarian confirmed that more than 8% of HLM tenants would no longer be eligible for social housing if they applied for it today.

This “notion of housing for life (…) has no legal reality”, the Social Union for Housing, the representative organization of the HLM sector, said in a press release, calling “not to succumb to demagoguery”.

“Ministers are right to recognize the reality of queues of applications for social housing. But they are wrong to believe that by making social housing tenants vulnerable we will compensate for the inadequacies of housing policy we have seen since 2017,” Former environmentalist minister Emmanuel Cossay, who now heads the organisation, expressed his condolences.

Ian Brossat, the Communist senator of Paris, said, “To facilitate the expulsion of the middle class from social housing on the charge of being excessively rich is to organize the ghettoization of our HLM.”

In their eyes, this would be like “moving from a generalist model to a residual model in which social housing is reserved only for the most vulnerable and workers are completely excluded”. This proposal is unspeakably hypocritical because it suggests that HLM tenants, he said in a press release. will be deported today,

“Inability to produce social housing”

As the rules currently stand, tenants must respond annually to a “resource survey” to certify their financial situation. If they exceed a certain income threshold, their landlord can raise their rent and, in some cases, refuse to renew their lease if they report income even higher than that.

The only protected categories are people over 65 and people with disabilities. With these announcements, “in effect, the government is making social housing tenants pay for its inability to produce social housing”, Ian Brossat further condemned. It’s the same story with the National Housing Confederation, which expressed regret at the “skepticism” of the proposal on the social network X.

He condemned, “Instead of producing social housing, (Guillaume) Kasbarion prefers to reduce HLM stock and (…) pit the working classes against each other.”

The government is preparing to introduce a bill aimed at boosting housing for the middle class, which should be presented to the Council of Ministers in May before being examined in the Senate in June. The text should also give mayors more power in the decision to allocate social housing or sell it, Guillaume Kasbarian elaborated. The Bill also provides for strengthening studies on social ownership of housing. “Desirable”, recognizes social association for habitat. “But it is a pity that nothing has been planned to facilitate the production of social housing in which the lower social classes live.”

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