Winners of CEA Literary Competition

In February 2023, the European Community of Alsace launched a unique initiative: the first literary competition in Alsace, aimed at stimulating the development of literary creation and imagination among young people and adults in Alsace. Find the texts of the short format winners!

It seems that people are no longer reading and writing. I do not agree: since the Internet, in my opinion, people read more emails, newspaper articles, blogs, subtitles, and also write more emails, SMS, WhatsApp, than before. Well, that’s a very good sign, yes. We can certainly regret the fact that these are not novels, which is why the European Community Alsace launched its own literary competition last year: Tell us about Alsace! This competition was for adults (free novel format, you still have a few weeks for the rendering. But regarding the smaller formats, based on the photo of Carreau Rodolphe and youth categories (Stumbe, 8 to 11 years old, Neckes, aged 12 to 15, and Walkes, aged 16 to 17, they received 105 texts, a jury selected the best, and these are published on the Alsace Point EU site, in beautifully illustrated documents Brought together, and you can read them for free! All the information is on the website.

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