With a record of -36.7°C, this village is the coldest in France!

Lovers of adventure and winter landscapes, this village is made for you!

Located in the Doubs, Mouthe holds the record for the lowest temperature recorded in mainland France with 36.7 °C in 1968. But rest assured, residents here are well equipped and know how to take advantage of this unique climate.

“Cold Hole”: geographical and climatic features

The mouth belongs to what we call “cold holes”, areas where temperatures are regularly much lower than elsewhere. These events are specifically explained as follows:

  • Geographical location: The mouth is located in a basin that promotes cold accumulation.
  • Weather conditions: Prevailing winds bring cold winds from the north-east

Other French cities known for their cool temperatures

Although it is famous for its mild and pleasant climate, France also has several cities with particularly harsh winter temperatures. Among these, we can cite:

  • Mignovillard (Jura): – 31.4°C recorded in January 2024
  • Langres (Haute-Marne): France’s coldest city on annual average

How do the residents of Mouth live in the face of these extreme conditions?

Although temperatures can be extremely low, the Moutards – the name given to the village’s inhabitants – have learned to adapt and take advantage of these conditions. So, despite the cold, life goes on:

  • Outdoor activities: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or even hiking in the snow These are all opportunities to enjoy winter landscapes
  • Mutual aid between neighbors: Facing the cold, residents stick together and support each other

Experimental Equipment: If you’re planning to stay in Mouthe or another town with extreme temperatures, remember to equip yourself well: warm, waterproof clothing, good shoes and face protection will be essential.

A village nostalgic for the snow of yesteryear

Even though winter is no longer the same as it was a few decades ago, the mouth remains an iconic place for its exceptional climatic conditions. So don’t hesitate to come and discover for yourself this village where “-5°C is fun”!

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