Withdrawal of mandatory appointments in some Algerian consulates in France

Algerian passport: withdrawal of mandatory appointments at some Algerian consulates in France

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Every time they return to Bled: during Ramadan, Eid or the summer season, many Algerians in France find themselves forced to renew Algerian passport To be able to return.

As summer approaches, Algerian consulates in France continue to face a large influx of Algerians. Currently at the top of the requested procedures is the renewal of the Algerian passport.

Chaos breaks out at Algerian consulates in France for passport renewal

In fact, this document is necessary to return to Bleed. If the blame lies exclusively on applicants who wait until the last minute to complete the process, especially since it is possible to renew a passport six months before its expiry, an MP would put forward a completely different theory. Is.

Abdelouahab Yagouabi, deputy of the Algerian people of France, believes that, in fact, imposing on a citizen the presentation of a passport to return to his country ” This is an administrative abuse that has no legal basis ,

it measures ” Violates Algeria’s national law and international commitments », he points out his facebook pageCiting Article 12 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Parliamentarians also welcome the initiative taken by the Consul General of Algeria in Lille to facilitate procedures for applicants, in view of the strong demand for renewal of Algerian passports in France.

Renewal of Algerian passport: Algerian Consul in Lille ” admirable ” Initiative

, I welcome the decision of the Consul General of Algeria in Lille, who is attempting to overcome the difficulties of the huge influx of our citizens for passport renewal procedures. “, he wrote.

From now on, “ From April 16, 2024 it is necessary to request an appointment before renewing your passport at the Lille Consulate », according to the same speaker. This decision should reduce pressure on the Consulate and prevent applicants from traveling long distances.

But to avoid all these inconveniences, Yagoubi continues to be in demand. removal of liability Presentation of Algerian passport “ Just to be able to return home “. They believe that just presenting the identity card is enough.

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