Without an Algerian passport, this Algerian in France had to apply for a visa and it wasn’t easy

Without an Algerian passport, this Algerian in France had to apply for a visa and it wasn't easy

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For an Algerian citizen to be able to return to Algeria from abroad, he must present his Passport Valid biometric Algerian, as he will not be allowed entry even with an Algerian identity card.

Thus, without a green passport in the colors of Algeria, the only option for Algerians abroad to visit their country of origin is to apply for a visa if their second country is subject to visa requirements, which is the case for example In all European countries.

This happened to a young Algerian woman in France, who, in a video posted on her TikTok channel, explained that she had returned to Algeria with the visa that got her there, explaining, ” worst “, although without going so far as to spoil his satisfaction of seeing his country and his family again.

The traveler films his plane leaving Marseille and arriving at Annaba. , I returned to my country with a visa “, she says reassuringly. Preparing to return to Algeria was extremely difficult ,

His passport remained in Algiers, he paid for a visa to return to Algeria

After reaching Annaba, the customs officer responsible for checking the documents is surprised. The first thing he asks this traveler is if he is Algerian. She replies: ” yes, i’m algerian , Then why are you traveling with a visa? “, he then added.

The passenger said ” that she almost cried »When the customs officer asked him this question, indicating that he should “ make an emergency visa “, Because “ His passport has been blocked in Algiers ” And ” It wasn’t his fault because he should have got his passport ,

Finally, when she told him where she planned to stop, the customs officer was even more surprised and told her: “ Are you serious! You pay for a visa to visit this city! ,

For her part, Traveler thinks her return to Blades was worth it. It also indicates ” that he ate well » while showing » magical landscape ” And “ clean Air » Which she was able to take advantage of.

Abdelouhab Yagouabi, deputy for emigration, called Cancelled The obligation to present a passport when Algerians return to their country of origin from France indicates that presentation of an identity card may suffice. He assured that it would be a “ Fundamental rights guaranteed by law, constitution and international commitments ” from Algeria.

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