You can own a former courthouse in Borgneuf for 30,000 euros

A city in Cruz is putting its old courthouse up for sale, with the maintenance costs taking a toll on local finances.

What if you became a Bourganiad by adoption? As reported, the city of Bourgogneuf in Cru is putting its old court up for sale france blue, Starting price: 30,000 euros.

The sale announcement details, “This Neoclassical-style building, which includes a carved pediment and columns, dates from the 1850s.” nice corner, She also underlines, “It is built on two floors, with several rooms, offices, audience rooms and toilets in the basement.” There are 11 pieces in total. This former district court has been closed since 2009.

418 square meters

The property, located in a classified area and which overlooks a roundabout, has a living area of ​​418 sq m on a plot of 1,161 sq m. Visits are possible by appointment via telephone.

According to the latest data available from INSEE, Bourgneuf, located about fifty kilometers from Limoges by car, had 2,462 inhabitants in 2020. The city is losing residents and also faces maintenance costs on old buildings that are too much for its finances. “It is our heritage that is killing us,” judges Marie-Hélène Pouget-Chauvat, deputy charge of culture and finance at France Blue. The municipality has already detached other buildings that have become too heavy to manage, such as chapels, sports halls and houses.

At present, the Town Hall has received only one proposal for the old court. But visits are still possible. The City Council will select a new owner by summer.

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